Call for Papers Talk Ideas

HackWest is not just an InfoSec or Hacker conference. We want to hilight the "Red" and the "Blue" (or "offense" and "defense") in InfoSec. We want to make everyone just a litlte more "Purple". To that end, we would like you to come up with your topic and identify which side it's on, and how it can help the attendees to add more of that hue to their skill set. We really encourage you to think oustide the box on this.

To get the ideas flowing, here's a few suggestions:

  • Social Engineering awareness trainig for small-med businesses
  • Social Engineering techniques
  • Techniques to identify and thwart phishing/whaling attacks at the mailserver/firewall
  • How to spoof a domain to do better phishing attacks
  • Best practices in physical security that can be adopted by a small-med business
  • How to use IR signals to compromise an internal network using exterior security cameras
  • How to engage with a bug bounty resource to outsource your AppSec roles
  • How to develop a framework to get better consistancy from the AppSec team
  • How to develop a repeatable process to get better consistency and results from testing APIs
  • Making the marketing deparmtent more aware of information disclosure through web and social media
  • Demo your python/ruby bot that stalks a compnay and creates usernames, email addresses, and possible passwords through web and social meida scrapes
  • Your research on better facial recognition software to track known bad actors in your chain shopping stores
  • Your research on how to defeat facial recognition
  • Web-based data-exfiltration/espionage detection
  • Better side-channel data communication
  • And so on....

Tell us what you want to talk about, and we hope to see you in March, here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Good luck!